Ildiko faced significant challenges in the aftermath of the catastrophic February flood in Lismore, NSW, Australia in 2022, losing both her residence of 20 years and her home studio. This unfortunate event rendered her family, including her husband and two daughters, homeless overnight and resulted in the loss of her artistic practice.

In the wake of the flood, Ildiko's primary focus has been on securing and establishing a new family residence. Additionally, she has been dedicated to ensuring the well-being of her eldest daughter, who has Angelman's Syndrome, by facilitating the setup of essential disability supports.

We are pleased to share the recent development that Ildiko and her family have successfully transitioned into their new home. With the settling process underway, Ildiko is poised to re-establish her home studio and resume her artistic endeavors. The forthcoming revival of her painting practice signifies a positive step forward for Ildiko and her family as they rebuild their lives after the challenging events they have faced.

The images presented here depict Ildiko's studio in the aftermath of the February 2022 flood in Lismore. The visuals illustrate the inundation of Ildiko's two-story residence, with the water level reaching the upper living area, submerging her studio. Ildiko and her family evacuated their home amidst floodwaters in the early hours of the morning, during low visibility conditions. The images additionally portray the severe impact of the flood on Ildiko's studio, signifying the devastation wrought by the natural disaster. Regrettably, the flood resulted in the complete loss of her entire artistic practice.


Ildiko wishes to express her gratitude to the following Australian art organizations that have provided financial assistance in the replacement of art materials and equipment lost during the flood. While progress has been made, there remains a considerable journey ahead in the process of reestablishing her studio.

Recipient of NAVA Artist's Benevolent Fund
Recipient of  Still @ the Centre Gift Voucher
Recipient of  Arts Northern Rivers Rapid Response Flood Support

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